18 June 2013


The Cuckoo Clock Hospital has produced two DVDs.

Both are available from cuckooclockhospital.com and are frequently listed on eBay.

Alternatively, contact Lloyd.lehn@verizon.net.

The current price (June 2013) for each of them is $34.95 plus $5 shipping and handling. 

VA residents add current sales tax


Cuckoo Clock Repair: An Example


This 90+ minute DVD covers the steps required to service a specific one-day cuckoo clock – with a music box.   It does not cover all cuckoo clocks but a good deal of the information included can be applied to other cuckoo clocks.  


The DVD takes the viewer step by step through the repair process.  It includes a major sidebar on the tools used and has a couple of minor sidebars explaining how a music box works.   It also includes numerous business practice tips.

            A 5+ minute preview of the DVD is available on YouTube. 




Cuckoo Clock Repair: Music Boxes


          This DVD is 74 minutes.  It is consists of four main blocks.  “Music Box 101” is a tutorial about a vanilla music box in three clips.  A section on “Locking Levers” describes eight locking arm configurations while the “Challenges” section describes some troublesome situations.   The “Grab Bag” section has a couple of clips which didn’t fit in the other sections.

A 3 minute preview of the DVD is available on YouTube.